Toby Harrold.

Toby is an SME for pore pressure prediction and detection. Before co-founding P-TEN, he was the E&P Geohazards Manager at Repsol Exploracion S.A. for seven years, managing global geohazards prediction for well planning and execution. He also worked as a Pore Pressure Advisor and Well Planning Team Leader at BP plc for 14 years.

Principal Geomechanics Specialist & Director

Toby has been studying and practicing pore pressure and geomechanics for 27 years in many different basins and geological environments and all stages of the E&P value chain from block entry, exploration, development and abandonment. One key area of expertise is in the integration of different types of analysis (basin modeling, offset wells, seismic velocity, geomechanical modeling etc) to reduce prediction uncertainty, improve well planning and the assessment of prospect risk.

Training & Research.

He is passionate about developing people has trained many individuals from beginner through to expert level of proficiency in pore pressure prediction. He keep active in research trying to continuously improve the techniques for pore pressure and geomechanics analysis: is a supervisor for a PhD student, Co-Chairs conferences, has been an active participant in the UT Geofluids Consortium and is a member of the ESSAC – ECORD Science Support and Advisory Committee.


Beyond the Office.

I enjoy sport and exploring the Spanish countryside with my family. A big passion of mine is cooking, in particular barbecue which I enjoy sharing with others… P-TEN may be offering this as a service in the future!