P-TEN is a specialist geomechanics consultancy based in Madrid, Spain. We provide bespoke, operationally-focussed geomechanics advice and services to a range of clients worldwide. We cover the entire asset lifecycle from prospect evaluation to abandonment or field redevelopment for other purposes (such as reservoir gas storage).

Company Profile

P-TEN Geomechanical Services S.L is a specialist geomechanics consultancy based in the Spain. The directors of the company have over 70 years combined experience in applied geomechanics, with over 60 years’ experience specifically related to wellbore and petroleum geomechanics. We provide bespoke geomechanics consultancy services to the petroleum industry, covering the entire asset lifecycle, and our clients range from supermajors to small independent operators. Whilst we are located in the Spain, we work with asset teams worldwide, and routinely provide operational support using remote monitoring systems.

How we differ

We prefer to work as part of ‘the team’ rather than as a ‘fire-and-forget’ service and are equally conversant with Subsurface and Engineering disciplines. We are truly independent, and have no tools, software or other services to sell.
We work closely with Well Design teams to ensure the results of any study are integrated into future drilling plans and recognise that early involvement helps to maximise the value of geomechanics. Our work is specifically tailored to individual project requirements, and we believe that the value is in the application of practical geomechanics, not necessarily in technology and sophisticated analytical workflows.


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To speak to us about any element of our business please call our office on +34 608 64 83 49 or, alternatively, use the email form on our contact page. Read more